"Hurt Needs Attention and Healing Needs Help"

Naturally speaking, if you were injured and your wound will not stop bleeding, you will need medical attention! Some cuts may look small but are more severe than you realize. If there is a lot of blood, you will probably need stitches. In many cases, stitches are essential for proper healing. Deep cuts and abrasions are prone to infection and other complications, and the longer a wound stays open and vulnerable, the greater the risk of infection becomes. Stitches also help reduce the chance of developing scar tissue and speed up the overall healing process.

“Hurt is often recognized and Healing is mainly ostracized”

We all have a story. Some of us are Married to our story. It could’ve happened 25 YEARS ago, but we can recall it instantly because oftentimes we’re still there. We never left that moment from when someone or something hurt us. We’re STUCK! Being in this position Healing isn’t deemed a necessity so it keeps being put off because it currently has no value.

Yes! You were Hurt! Being hurt is NOT the end of your story! #YouCanHealFromThis

Our natural bodies rely on vitamins and minerals to heal.

What are you relying on to heal you from your hurt?

Before healing begins, the body gears up to protect against infection. For the first few days, a wound may be swollen, red, and painful. This inflammation is the body's immune system kicking in to protect the wound from infection.

What do you have down on the inside of you that will kick in and repeal against you being stuck in your hurt?

I know it’s painful, but if you don’t show this hurt some attention, it will become infected!

As the body does its healing work on the inside, a dry scab forms over the wound on the outside. The scab's job is to protect the wound as the damaged skin heals underneath.

We tend to be intentional in building up the outside but settle for a messed up inside. Afford yourself the opportunity to make an internal investment so that the outside will be a reflection of the work that’s being done on the inside.

Under the scab's protective surface, new tissue forms. The body repairs damaged blood vessels and the skin makes collagen to reconnect the broken tissue.

How are you handling your brokenness? What’s the plan for your Healing Process? How will you gain positive emotions after you’ve been hurt?

You have to ignite your Healing! Your emotions are aware that something has happened, and it affected you, but you have to train your emotions to Heal!

Your wound is probably not your fault, but your Healing is your responsibility.

How can you move forward?

By realizing that we need to give our Hurt the proper attention and our Healing the proper help!

Allow me to introduce you to a practical practice that’ll ignite you to begin your Healing process….

Different types of wounds require different levels of care. Some wounds require bandages, stitches, a tetanus booster shot, etc.

“Discover the depth of your wound to determine which level of care you’ll need”

Pay attention when you notice how something affects you and causes your behavioral tactics to change.

That’s an indication that you need to give that feeling some attention. It needs an identity. You need to know what type of hurt you’re dealing with so that you’ll know what kind of care to seek after.

What actually offended you? Why did that offend you? Is this offense connected to another offense? Will I need to talk to a Therapist or a Counselor? How can I care for this wound?

Healing won’t happen on its own……It needs help!

Action Items!

Know what happened so that you can heal from it!

Jump start your healing!

Don’t settle for remaining stuck in hurt!

Take time for Self-Care!

You’re more than what happened to you!

You can heal from this!

Yes You Can!

“Heal Properly, so that you can love adequately