Hurt, hurts......!

Throughout this journey called Life, you will unfortunately encounter Hurt in many forms. In this book we will focus on inner hurt. This is one of the most silent, yet threatening feelings that I have ever experienced, and ironically has no set expiration date.

In my late 20’s was the time that I was trying to identify myself and find rhythm in life. I began to realize life was built around relationships with others. It was at this moment, in the purest of honesty, I became utterly upset. I simply could not grasp why every friendship or relationship experienced brought me sheer hurt and pain. Life was majorly frustrating, and my entire countenance displayed turmoil. I was ticking time bomb and fed on drama. This was my normal. It is what gave the internal chaos relief, or justification for the dysfunction. Anger was my default, blaming others’ actions was my excuse, and giving the disclaimer “that’s just the way I am” was my comfort. Not to mention, I unknowingly harbored hurt from childhood disappointments and did not know how to get relief from any of it.

Before you make any assumptions, The Healing Side of Hurt is NOT a book just about relationships nor is it some guide filled on how to attain or get over a mate in the same day. The fact that I am a female author does not mean this book breeds male bashing or is underlined with bitterness and hatred from my past experiences. Absolutely NOT! This book is intended to reach the needs of both male and female and address areas for the betterment of your Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Health. My philosophy is that everyone has their own side, bears their own hurt, and no hurt should be ignored. Not by self, or by others.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the persons who chose to simply love the hell out of me. All those who didn’t allow me to run away each time I began to feel, I appreciate you. They watched layer after layer be peeled back, and still chose to love me. Thank you. Love is extremely powerful. As much as it reveals, it also heals. I wish everyone knew and could experience this great love. Unfortunately for some, they never will, simply because just as I once did, they’ll never allow themselves a chance to feel.

Healing needs help. It will not just happen on its’ own. Begin to open your mind and prepare to face the exposure of your heart, mind, and emotions. We tend to be intentional in building up the outside but settle for a messed inside. Afford yourself the opportunity to make an internal investment. Allow me to introduce you to an alternative route. My greatest intent is to provoke you to be proactive and not reactive when it comes to yourself and relationships. I look forward to seeing you on the Healing Side of Hurt.

Thanks for reading this week's blog on Hurt, hurts.

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Happy Healing!