Major In Ministry Minor In Industry is a Clarion Call for all Worship Leaders to come together, and be Recharged, Reignited, Revived, Refreshed, & Rebuilt. Worship Leaders aren’t restricted to the people that hold mics in their hands. In this book, we will unpack the Fundamentals of Worship.


I strongly believe that each generation should reach back and help the next generation channel through the things they’ve been through. I was privileged to have people in my life that cared enough about me to teach me the Fundamentals of Ministry, way before they began to cultivate any of my gifts. I join hands with the generations before me and grab the hands of the generations behind me and say, “Let’s bridge the gap and do Ministry well.”


I pray that after reading this book, your focus will be centered on building a long-lasting relationship with the Father and being obedient to His Will. Major In Ministry Minor In Industry.


Much Love,

Shenell Dixon

Major In Ministry Minor In Industry The Fundamentals of Worship